Frequently Asked Questions

What should we expect?

After boarding the vessel, we will go over safety equipment per Coast Guard regulations. After departing, we will ride out the Destin Pass and start our fishing trip.

Travel time depends on length of trip:

  • 4-6 hour trip – May travel up to 15 miles from Destin
  • 8-10 hour trip – May travel up to 35 miles from Destin
  • 12 hour trip – May travel up to 50 miles from Destin.

Usually we will troll as we ride out. While trolling, we may have a chance to catch many species, such as King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, and Bonitas. These are the more common fish. Other species we might encounter are Wahoos, Dolphins, Blackfin Tunas, Barracudas, and Sailfish.

During our travel, the mates will be working to make sure you are ready to go when we get to our fishing spot. They will be cutting bait, getting rods ready, and teaching you the basics of fishing school. We realize the majority of our customers are inexperienced at this kind of fishing so our crew is very patient and does the best job possible to make sure you are trained up and ready to go.  Once we arrive at our fishing destination, we will fish for different species in various ways, depending on what kind of fish we are trying to catch.trip, there may be fish that we catch and you would love to keep it, but because of regulations we may have to release it alive.

When we are finished fishing, we will head back home. During this travel time, we will also troll. When we get back to the dock, we will unload fish and your belongings. Your mates will hang up your fish and this is the time for you to take pictures of your catch! After pictures, the mates will clean and bag your fish for you to take home and enjoy.

What time should we be there?

Customers should be ready to leave for their trip 15 minutes prior to departure time. At this time, they will be greeted by the crew and helped aboard.

What if I’m worried about being sea sick?

If you are worried about getting sea sick, please take motion sickness pills. We recommend Bodine. In our experience, it makes people less drowsy. It can be found at any drug or grocery store.

What  does Vengeance Charters provide?

We provide all necessary fishing equipment, licenses, bait, and tackle.

What should we bring?

Bring a cooler with food and drinks for your time on the water.

Hats, and a jacket or rain slicker are recommended and SUNSCREEN.

Your camera – bring lots of film or a large SD card, you will want to take pictures of your catch and your charter adventure.

What can’t I bring?

For those of you that have handheld GPS’s, please refrain from bringing them on the boat.

Is the charter family friendly?

Absolutely!  Captain Matthew and his mates have children of their own and they love to see young people learning to fish and provide guidance and encouragement.  See Captain Matthew’s youngest in action here:

Can I keep What I catch?

As many of you may know, the government regulates everything, including the size and bag limit of every species we will encounter. So during your trip, there may be fish that we catch and you would love to keep it, but because of regulations we may have to release it alive.

Does Vengeance Charters Clean our fish?

The mates will clean the fish.  They work for tips and we do not charge extra for fish cleaning. It is usually customary to tip the mates 15-20% the total cost of the trip.

I have another question…

If you don’t see something or see something you might not want, please let us know. 850-341-7181