To book a trip, simply call Captain Matthew at 850-341-7181 and let him know the day, hours and amount of anglers for your trip. Easy Peasy!


Customers should be ready to leave for their trip 15 minutes prior to departure time. At this time, they will be greeted by the crew and helped aboard.

We provide all necessary fishing equipment, licenses, bait, and tackle. All you need to bring is a cooler with food and drinks and of course sunscreen! We have no problems with beer or wine, please refrain from bringing liquor. Any type of drugs will not be tolerated, and if found your trip will be terminated and the US Coast Guard will be notified.

If you are worried about getting sea sick, please take motion sickness pills. We recommend Bodine. In our experience, it makes people less drowsy. It can be found at any drug or grocery store.

After boarding the vessel, we will go over safety equipment per Coast Guard regulations. After departing, we will ride out to the Destin Pass and start our fishing trip. This usually starts with bait fishing for 30 minutes to an hour around the Jetties. After we have plenty of bait, we will start our journey to the fishing grounds.

Travel time depends on length of trip. 4-6 hour trip – May travel up to 15 miles from Destin 8-10 hour trip – May travel up to 35 miles from Destin 12 hour trip – May travel up to 50 miles from Destin. Usually we will troll as we ride out. While trolling, we may have a chance to catch many species, such as King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, and Bonitas. These are the more common fish. Other species we might encounter are Wahoos, Dolphins, Blackfin Tunas, Barracudas, and Sailfish.

During our travel, the mates will be working to make sure you are ready to go when we get to our fishing spot. They will be cutting bait, getting rods ready, and teaching you the basics of fishing school. We realize the majority of our customers are inexperienced at this kind of fishing so our crew is very patient and does the best job possible to make sure you are trained up and ready to go. We are a family oriented crew, as we all have children.

Once we arrive at our fishing destination, we will fish for different species in various ways, depending on what kind of fish we are trying to catch. As many of you may know, the government regulates everything, including the size and bag limit of every species we will encounter. So during your trip, there may be fish that we catch and you would love to keep it, but because of regulations we may have to release it alive.

Please bring cameras with plenty of film…. or SD cards. For those of you that have handheld GPS’s, please refrain from bringing them on the boat. If caught with a GPS during the fishing trip, your trip will be terminated and you will pay for the trip in full.

When we are finished fishing, we will head back home. During this travel time, we will also troll. When we get back to the dock, we will unload fish and your belongings. Your mates will hang up your fish and this is the time for you to take pictures of your catch! After pictures, the mates will clean and bag your fish for you to take home and enjoy.

The mates work for tips and we do not charge for fish cleaning. It is usually customary to tip the mates 15-20% the total cost of the trip. There are many variables to every trip. This is just a summary.

If you don’t see something or see something you might not want, please let us know. 850-341-7181

Fishing Rates

Rates Additional Info
4 hours / $800 + $80 per additional
5 hours / $1,000 + $100 per additional
6 hours / $1,200 + $120 per additional
8 hours / $1,600 + $160 per additional
10 hours / $2,000 + $200 per additional
12 hours / $2,400 + $240 per additional
14 hours / $2,800 + $280 per additional
16 hours / $3,200 + $320 per additional
18 hours / $3,800 + $360 per additional

 *Call for pricing on 24, 36, 48 hour trips and 3 day trips as these vary depending on the time of year and the type of fishing you wish to do.

About Captain Matthew

My love of fishing started as a young boy fishing the banks of Choctawhatchee Bay.  At the age of 11, I talked my parents into buying me my first boat, a 14 ft. John Boat.  It didn’t have a trailer or motor, but that was ok, I had my boat.  My friends and I built a trailer out of pine trees we had cut down and used old bike tires for wheels.  It was about a mile to the boat ramp, so it wasn’t always easy getting there. I bet we must have paddled over 100 miles around Choctawhatchee Bay that summer.  I knew then that I wanted to fish every day I was able.  Three years later, at the age of 14, I landed my first job as a Second Mate on a charter boat on the Destin Harbor.  Over the next 6 years I worked my way up to First Mate and had earned my 100 Ton Masters Captain’s License.  The summer I turned 20 something magical happened, I caught my first blue marlin.  It was the most magnificent fish I had ever seen.  At that very moment I wanted to spend every day I was on the water chasing these beautiful fish.  I was able to get a job on a private yacht and spent the next five years traveling the world fishing for blue marlin.  I was lucky enough to fish places such as Costa Rica, Mexico, The Bahamas, St. Thomas, and Bermuda to name a few.  During this time I met my wife and we had our first son.  The traveling and chasing blue marlins took a distant second to spending time with my new family, so back to Destin I came.  Taking the skills I had learned on my journeys to these blue marlin hot spots.  I was able to accumulate over 1.5 million dollars in tournament winnings in the Gulf of Mexico.  My biggest win was in 2009, breaking the Emerald Coast Blue Marlin Classic record with a 716 pound Blue Marlin.

Fast forwarding to 2018, I now have three beautiful children, two boys and one girl.  I  have the boat of my dreams and have the pleasure of spreading my love and passion of fishing, with not only my children but children and adults from all across the world.  That summer as a young boy when my friends and I were pulling my boat over a mile, on a homemade trailer with our bikes to the water, I never could have imagined what I could accomplish from my love and passion for fishing.  To this day I am still that young boy every time I am on the water.  I am so blessed and thankful for what the sport of fishing has given me!!!